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While We Were Lost


A Solo Ceramic Exhibition at The Voorkamer Gallery

Running for the Month of February 2016


The Voorkamer Gallery is delighted to be hosting the first ceramic exhibition by Michael Taylor. Well-known and much loved for his paintings of whimsical and abstract figures, Taylor has recently turned his brush, and hands, to the medium of clay and glazes. 

While We Were Lost is a reference to the 'Lost Boys' from Neverland, an imaginary island invented by J.M. Barrie in his 1904 play – Wendy and Peter Pan. According to Peter Pan mythology,' lost boys' were male infants who fell out of their prams while their nanny's were “looking the other way”. They would be taken to Neverland, a lush, jungle of an island; and it was here that the boys would live out their adult-free, unsupervised lives. Taylor's enjoys referencing literary narratives and this exhibition is inspired by the lives of these 'lost boys' and the island on which they lived.

Each of the works exhibited, act like port-holes into Neverland. Like Captain Hook aboard the Jolly Roger, we as adults are separated from Pan and his juvenile gang and are only able view the island and its characters through this series of painted 'plates'. These earthy, ceramic works that Taylor makes and paints himself are crude and naïve; reminiscent of the mud pies that the lost boys would make on the island. Using them as canvases Taylor has decorated them with traditional blue and white oxides, blurring the line between traditional and contemporary, narrative and decoration, art and practical object. 

Looking at the painted figures themselves, most of them are looking out towards the horizon, perhaps trying to look back home or for a ship that will return them to their neat nurseries in London. In some of the other pieces, Taylor has withheld pictorial information intentionally, leaving one feeling quite disorientated. What are we looking at? Who are we looking at? Where are we? Are we still in Neverland? 

The show will be running for the special Leap Month of February 2016.