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Wet paint

In October 1787, Mozart's Opera, 'Don Giovanni' made its debut in Prague. According to 'Mozartarian-Mythology', he composed the Overture on the morning of the day it was shown for the first time. This legend has helped cement our understanding of Mozart as being a musical magus and genius.

For this exhibition, I have approached eight talented Cape Town artists to meet me at the shop at 8am on the morning so that they can collect a blank canvas. They will need to return it to our gallery by 5pm today; just in time for the first visitors of First Thursday. I am excited to see what an artist can produce in a day, working wet-on-wet, against the pressure of a sudden and looming deadline. Artists that are part-taking in this show are Michael Taylor, Georgina Gratrix, Lucie de Moyencourt, Mia Chaplin, Patricia Fraser, Ludwich Olivier, Kate Arthur and Niklas Wittenberg.

Michael Chandler