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Patricia Fraser's exhibition title was borrowed from a book about the extraordinary life of Marianne North who in 1871 set off from Victorian England on her first expedition to one of many foreign destinations. During her travels, North would paint the flowers that she saw and over the course of a life time had amassed over 800 works which are housed today at Kew Gardens in London. Patricia Fraser has not only painted the Palm House at Kew, but she too has also travelled around the world with her inks, brushes and paints. Her most recent, inspiring trip was in October 2018 when Patricia visited the magnificent and magical island of Madagascar. The work on her exhibition stems from many notes, sketches and observations which she made on the island and are largely concerned with the bright, tropical light, the textures from the local vegetation and her appreciation for the locals who seem to live uncomplicated, and yet still abundant, lives. Channelling the spirit of North, Fraser has gone further than record just the natural beauty of a place; she has captured the emotional and psychic characteristics of Madagascar through careful and thoughtful observation. Like Gauguin’s French Polynesian works, Fraser's are not simply a record of Paradise but a deeply-felt response to its people, colours and environment.