By Michael Chandler


Michael Chandler was born in East London in 1985 and moved to Cape Town as a child. In December 2013, after years of experience in the art and auction worlds, Michael opened Chandler House in the heart of the Cape Town city bowl. This space allowed him to pursue his wide interests in antiques, art and design and to bring all of his ideas and inspirations to life. Michael has a studio upstairs from the shop where he works on his blue and white ceramic murals and ink on paper illustrations. Chandler House prides itself in stocking locally-made homeware, gifts, textiles and a selection of art by established and emerging artists. Everything is  lovingly chosen and curated by Michael. Michael has exhibited work in the National Gallery, collaborated with Mr Price, was the artist for the 2017 Nederburg Wine Auction, did a creative take-over of House & Leisure and more recently has created a stir with his colossal, hand-painted ceramic murals. 

My art work is a hybrid between the historical and the whimsical. I enjoy referencing the past through my choice of subject matter and then expressing this imagery through the use of playful line work. Together, these elements create something that is interesting, fresh and delightful to both the eye and mind.

'Afrochine' looks at what might have happened if the 15th Century Chinese Emperor Yongle hadn't recalled a fleet of ships that he had sent to Africa. The whimsical exhibition features 99 blue and white porcelain vases which Michael has made and painted. Each vase borrows motifs and narratives from both Africa and China. To learn more about Michael's work and the exhibition you can follow him on Instagram at @mrchandlerhouse

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