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an exhibition by Renee Rossouw

Running for the Month of March 2016

The Voorkamer Gallery is delighted to be exhibiting a solo show of new work by Renée Rossouw. Trained as an architect and respected as a contemporary designer, Rossouw has recently focused her full attention towards the fine arts. While her previous vocation focused on the development and design of physical structures in external spaces, her new exhibition is concerned with internal and emotional spaces.

Abstraction has always been a dominant theme in Rossouw's work and in SIMBOLIEK, the artist has expanded her unique visual vocabulary of forms and colour to interrogate identity, expression and representation. The German anthropologist Ernst Cassirer describes man as a symbolic animal who creates meaning through signs and symbols. Rossouw's solid colours and flat geometric forms create a language of her own that is pre-textual or verbal. Together they act like as a code, giving us information about the artist's reality in a language that is simple, pure and universal.