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a ROSY, summer group exhibition

December 2015 - January 2016

Upon reflection, the colour pink might seem frivolous and florid. But looking at the work that our artists have created for our summer group show, we are reminded that this colour is just as strong, emotive and political as any of the other colours from the crayon box. Curiously, the colour pink doesn't appear on the visible spectrum; its actually made up of a blend of violet and red – opposite ends of the rainbow. Because of this scientific enigma, pink is sometimes referred to as an ‘unnatural' colour. Bearing this in mind, is it any surprise then that we have always been bewitched by blooms, spellbound by sunsets, or perhaps most innately, pink has alway been associated with the nude, the erotic and the flesh.

Today the colour is also associated with one’s identity and where one positions themselves on the gender spectrum. Nowadays, this staid and outdated idea of gender-specific colours is eroding, allowing all people to gravitate towards whatever appeals to them as an individual.

The show on our pink Voorkamer walls showcases the way that artists have used this sensory colour to explore notions of Cape landscapes, expressive stilllifes and fleshy figurative work. From gender identity politics to flamboyant ornithological observations, the artists have used the colour to explore themes that are important to them. 

Please join us for the summer months of December and January.