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InScapes - An Exhibition by Ian Hunter

Ian's latest work is a fine balancing act between painting what is seen in reality and expressing what is felt when in Nature. His works offer naturalism up to a point before emotional expressionism takes over. Not unlike the Fauvists, Ian's work emphasizes painterly qualities over pure representation. His verdant forests invite you to walk between their strokes of undergrowth while his swelling seascapes lure you to the lapping edge of the canvas.

I feel that Ian's landscapes transcend the tired, old genre and offer something new and fresh to the 21st Century viewer. His works console, inspire and allow for a space in which the audience can inhabit, rest and explore. This show is a beautiful collection of meticulously painted canvases, revealing his skill as both a painter and as an observer of life. I look forward to viewing them with you.

Michael Chandler