'Home', An Exhibition by frances white


Twelve years ago Frances White, a Fine Arts Michaelis Graduate, met the man that she would fall in love with and marry. So overwhelmed with love and joy, she began painting the masterpiece which sits in our Voorkamer today. The oil painting features a 'meadow-bouquet' of different South African Wild Flowers, each at its sweetest, most colourful and fragrant moment in its life. Sitting amongst the flowers are jewel-like birds and butterflies, resting between their aeronautic activities. Fast forward a dozen years and Michael Chandler goes to visit Vamp and Fabricate (two fantastic CT retail spaces that stock super local wares) and its here that he spies a beautiful and useful object that also can boast being locally-made. Its not often that a product can be sold to other retailers and tick all these boxes. Upon learning all of this it quickly became his favourite locally-made product. So you can imagine his unbridled joy when Frances approached him to sell the original in the Voorkamer Gallery. After flirting with the product world for a number of years, Frances has taken up her brushes and oil paint again. This single-painting exhibition not only heralds the return of her as an artist to the Cape Town art scene, but it also announces the arrival of Spring. Opening on the 1st of September in a white room broken only by the painting and a string of colourful blossoms - I think Flora herself would've been delighted by the show. Come and see it for yourself for the month of September. A series of smaller works on paper as well as the iconic tray are available too.