O L I V E R   S C A R L I N   |   T I D E S C A P E S

Saunders Rock Pool, Bantry Bay.jpg

The Voorkamer Gallery is delighted to be hosting the first solo show of painter Oliver Scarlin. Having trained and taught at the Florence Academy of Art for over 3 years, Scarlin returned to his home country with new artistic skills, a new appreciation for the beauty of the Cape and a deeper understanding of the politics of spaces.

In his debut exhibition the artist has heeded the siren's call and set up his easel where the land and the sea merge. Scarlin spent weeks under the harsh Summer sun preparing for this exhibition and often set off to places that he hadn't explored before. It was under his large straw hat that the artist could take the time to look at his subject, see his subject and think about it in all of its complexity.

One theme that comes up again and again in the show is the humble tidepool. Often over-looked, these man-made structures form spaces that are not quite land - yet not quite sea. They are built to shelter us from the sea - yet allow us access to the very pleasures that the ocean can provide. The history of access to these spaces is a long and fraught one - and the concrete walls that divide and separate are metaphorical reminders of these times. 

Scarlin's exhibition is a blend of many elements; our coastline's history, the natural beauty of the Cape, acute observation of a subject, holiday nostalgia and technical artistic prowess. We are very excited to see where this young talent's work will take him. 

The show will run for the Summery Month of February 2017.

For inquiries: info@chandlerhouse.co.za or phone us: 021 4244810