Hour Work - a group show

Andre Serfontein,  'Deer Park' , Oil on Panel, 8 x 12,5cm

Andre Serfontein, 'Deer Park', Oil on Panel, 8 x 12,5cm



Hour Work, is a group show where artists were tasked with creating an original work of art in an hour or less. Covering many different themes, in many different mediums, each work is testament to what can be accomplished in sixty minutes. The brief forced many of the artists to give up a part of their traditional working process so that a completed work could be submitted for the show. Absolute, rapid decisions had to made against the sound of a ticking clock which gives us the viewer an insight into the true essence of each artist and the elements deemed most important to them. Viewed in this light, Hour Work is an exhibition of artists at their most bare, pure and essential selves. Its well worth a visit.