P I A N O   D U L C E  


L U D W I C H  O L I V I E R

Ludwich Olivier, 'Morning Glory' (detail), mixed media on glass

Ludwich Olivier, 'Morning Glory' (detail), mixed media on glass


Chandler House is delighted to be exhibiting the third solo exhibition by painter Ludwich Olivier. Following on from his two previous exhibitions, Aria, and A Prelude; Piano Dolce is a show that reveals the intimate way that the artist experiences his world. From relationship woes, to coming across old-fashioned luck in the day, the paintings on glass require quiet reflection to access their intended message.

Piano Dolce is a musical term that means ‘quietly and sweetly’, which is the tone of the gentle and humourous ways that Ludwich paints his world.

*due to the nature of the works being painted on the glass, the below images act purely as a reference. To enjoy these works in all their glory, they should be epxerienced in person.