50 x City bowl



The Voorkamer Gallery is delighted to be exhibiting a major collection of 50 ink drawings of the Cape Town's City Bowl by Lucie de Moyencourt. Painted over the course of the past year, this extensive body of work is testament to the affection and curiosity that the artist has for her home town. Its worth noting that Lucie started her career as an architect but ended up ultimately as a full-time artist. In this show, Lucie returns her gaze to urban structures, but with a different appreciation and intention. 

From the iconic views to the lesser known streets, the show is like a diamond, with each glass-framed work showing off a different facet of a small area that is often referred to as a geographical whole. Within each monochromatic, A3 work, the viewer finds themselves seeing the city from the artist's point of view. She has taken a huge amount of effort to paint each of the fifty views, and this begs the question why each view was committed to paper. What is the artist trying to capture with all fifty works? Why has the artist spent as much time recording the entrance of the civic centre as the obvious people-pleaser that is Table Mountain? How do you paint a portrait of such a complex subject?  These aren't easy questions to answer, but by looking carefully and thoughtfully, we might just deepen our own understanding of these issues, our beloved city and, - ultimately ourselves.